Round-up of event


Ronan presenting at protect your business 2020

We started the Day with `Ronan introducing the speakers and the Datto crew over for the day.

Then into a presentation around the threat landscape. What to look out for in the current climate and how the criminals are trying to steal your data, through social engineering and the use of social media. We then moved onto the big one ransomware !! And how this can cripple a business and the scary truth on how easy it is to become a cyber-criminal and spread these nasty bugs around.

Humza from Datto showing off the BCDR

Then we moved onto Humza and the Datto presentation where he touched on the ransomware landscape some more. Then Humza took us onto one of Datto’s live test servers and showed live how easy it is to be infected with ransomware. Once he had the server infected, He then showed how the server can be remotely spun-up on one of Datto’s BCDR’s (Business Continuity Disaster Recovery) devices. So you have virtually Zero downtime even when hit by a devastating ransomware attack.

Humza Ronan and Holly pose for pics after the event.

We then finished up with questions from the crowd which there were plenty. Mostly around the BCDR and how it is able to recover from infection.

We will keep you posted for the next event which will be coming along soon.

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