Top 3 Advantages Of A Managed IT Solution Service In Ireland

Businesses are faced with the key challenges of remaining competitive while also being innovative and agile.

Managed IT services enable businesses to innovate, enter new markets, rapidly expand core services and transform internal operations. The IT outsourcing market is slated to grow at 6 percent CAGR by 2022, driven by the demand for innovation, cloud computing, and digital transformation.


Here are the key advantages of outsourcing your IT services:


According to a comprehensive analysis, 85 studies in the past 20 years indicate outsourcing is an effective strategy to reduce cost. Outsourcing IT services, as per a McKinsey Global Institute study, helped businesses cut costs by 60 percent.

Setting up an in-house IT department calls for significant capital and operating expenses (hardware, software, hiring of IT engineers and dedicated space). The salary of an entry-level IT support specialist can be €26,036 on average while experienced specialists are paid €43,494.

Additional payroll costs are related to hiring specialists for end-user support, hardware installation, data analysts, and data security. IT support Ireland can help your business avoid costs related to payroll apart from capital and operating expenses.


A survey revealed that for many business leaders, the advantages of innovation are enhanced productivity, competitive advantage, improved growth and new customer acquisition. Generation of new ideas is a crucial focus area for businesses that face the pressure of remaining relevant and competent. Managed IT services enable businesses to focus on innovation and core competency.


According to a National Data Protection Survey, 50 percent or more of Irish companies report having experienced a data breach in the past year. Incidents of external hacking, employee negligence and data breaches have increased in Irish companies. Data breaches not only compromise sensitive data but can attract hefty penalties in addition to the negative impact on brand image.

Managed IT services Wicklow professionals have industry-specific knowledge and training relating to handling ransomware, hacker attacks and other cybersecurity issues that can pose serious threats to your business.

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